Services We provide

We start with a solid Business model of vehicle Repair Contract Confirmation. Add an active website with assistance and care for customer satisfaction.


Personal Profile

Have the ability to follow up with the company through a custom designed profile and use it to handle your needs as a customer.*not avalible to all providers


Paperwork free

Though you will receive your paper work in the mail. Using our service allows you to save space should you not want to save the paperwork.



We keep your files and paperwork safe so you dont have too.


Fair Pricing

Pricing that is fair for both parties we keep people and what they need in the forfront of our bussiness model. So we can save people like you money and make profit as well.


Fast Transport service

getting transportation back in important specially in some area's and going without it can be a hasle we make sure our companies service and pay out for service when its required.


Digitally secure

We spend alot of time with alot of important information and hire specialists to keep that information private and safe.

Looking for Info about your Providers plans?

We understand getting information about how much stuff costs and what is included is important to customers and that people like that informations to be direct and to the point. So here you can download a Pre-plan Document that has example plans should you consider them maybe call in to get more information of Vehicle Service Plans that fit your needs and price range.

Personal Plans

Real American People on Call that can help you get a plan thats right for you. So you can take the worry out of your day to day vehicle usage.

VSC helped me upgrade my policy they walked me through the process which was super simple in there web interface. Thanks Jack for walking me through it.

- Darlien G. TO - Jack Waliby VSC

Lot's of companies will try to sell you Junk plans that dont fix your car when the time comes. I can honestly say VSC is not one of those horrible Companies.

- William H. TO - Joyce Milcami VSC

Ms. Neath your so bubbly thanks for handling my return in a timely matter. I look forward to talking with you again.

- Amelia Z. To - Kadra Neath VSC